Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hujan assignments di Pulau Pinang

Ready? Here we go.. i..2..3..

Hujan assignments di Pulau Pinang

Kini sudah tiada masa utk bersuka-ria

Berteduh kita bawah bumbung Restu

Lalu terbaca berita kata..

hujan ini akan reda tak lama lagi...

*nyanyi versi Ana Rafalli hujan bunga di KL ok? Haha

Fuhhh minggu depan sangat2 bz. Lets cekidout >>

Isnin : -

Selasa : literature test

Rabu : critical reading test + final public speaking ( topic tak cari lagi. mati2)

Khamis : -

Jumaat : submit full report Psycholinguistics

Sabtu + ahad : working on Dr Rita’s & Dr Rashidi’s assignments

Isnin / selasa : there will be a psychology abnormal test.

So, starting today, Thursday 17th, I will be the busiest girl on earth. Woohoo.. don’t disturb me ok. Haha.. err i don’t mind if you wanna lend me your hand on my assignments. Calling2 okeh? That will be a blast. haha just kiddin. :D

I’m starting to stress out right now. Huhu. YKW? I’m supposed to be home today. Enjoying the great weekend with my sissy but all the ‘interrupters’ above crashed my day! Ouucchhh i hate assignments!

And this is my final exam:

21st April - Psycholinguistics

22nd April - critical reading & writing

3rd May - literature

5th May - psychology

I really hate the schedule. 2 papers on 2 days? I’m so dead. Dah la killer papers.

And look at the gaps after 22nd ..there will be about 11 days before the next paper on 3rd. So what i’m gonna do here in 11 days? And i’m all alone.. yeahhh I can study deadly on the two upcoming papers. But its 11 days ya know. Lama nye...Uwaaaaa.. nape gaps lama sangat. Dah la my roommate abis exam awal. Well, I should go shopping then. Haha study awal2 pon tak masuk gak. fyi, otak saya jenis yg kena study last2 min. Hehe :D

Ok gadego. See ya. Kalau tak bz i’ll update.

Klu bz, i’ll still update. Haha

Have a nice day ahead.


  1. hehe.. best of luck ayin.. u can do it.. ;)

  2. kat tg malim pon hujan asemen jgak..waaaa..lebat plak tu....;)