Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ayin si pemalas..

Its been a long time since my last entry..

Well so far, November treats me very well.. i'm glad that everything run smoothly in this couple of weeks. Assignments and tests keep pushing my brain to work harder and as the result, i'm having a bad headache last week but Alhamdulillah, its gone now. :) thanks panadol..

This is the second week i'm here after the Raya Haji breaks and too bad, i'm having a flu now.. arghh flu is so not cool man. there's too much 'liquids' in my nose and my voice changed. sengau!

Actually i have quite a lot of stories after the last entry but i dont feel excited to type it out here. dem! such a lazy girl. hehe lagipun i dont feel like sharing everything in this blog..

There's one unforgotten story happened to me on 4th October when my Abah and my bro didn't pickup their phones as I was waiting for them at 3 AM at the bus stop on my way back to Kelantan for raya haji. I called them again n again but no one answered the calls.. rupa2nya my father's phone was on silent mode and my bro was like tido mati. geram betol! i have to waited for almost 2 hours at the bus stop. ALONE ok. takut gila dah la pakcik teksi keep asking me macam2 soalan. hishhhh. lucky me Abah tersedar dalam pukul 4 pagi dan rasa bersalah sangat2 for letting me alone for such quite a long time. yaya la tu main fon Abah sampai terubah setting jadi silent mode. eeee nasib baik tak jadi pape.. let it be the first and the last one ever happened to me! n u too..

ok dah malas nak taip.. babaiii

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