Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hello Sundayyy :)

tak mau tido boleh tak? nak keep typing, typing and typing sampai jari letih. boleh tak?

haha well i got so many things flying around my head. feels like wanna type them down. all. seriously its fun and relief after type them out of my brain. hilang beban. tapi tu la, certain part je leh share-share kat sini, the others please stay calmly in my head okeh? :)

well i'm not kinda typo but ya know sometimes we really need to type or write out in order to make our brains work harder. generate more ideas! otak jadi cergas!

thinking to balik kampung. crazily miss everyone at home. minggu ni i supposed to balik kg! argghh nyesal tak beli tiket! ok2 let's postponed it till March, ade cuti sekolah kan? my sis will be home. nanti boleh pau duit. haha ^_^

ok ok nk tido dah. see ya! :)

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