Friday, February 18, 2011

huhhhhhh feel so relief after removed thousands ++ friends on fb~

sorry dear friends, i dont know you guys, and its not my fault for removed you from my page. i'm so sick when i read your status at 'home'..i dont know you, why i need to read all that nonsense words??
after all, it's not me who added you up.. wink wink ^_^
and its also your fault for not stay connected with me..
*i'm sure you guys dont even realized you'd been removed. hoho -.-

now, total amounts of Ayien Zarina's friends is only 470. and yes, i know them all.

i'm so rarely add people on fb. only sometimes when i really2 want to be friend with someone, such as the famous Fatin Liyana, Liyana Hisham and some other names :)

for you guys who added me on fb, tq so much!! there were a few names who i knew tru fb, and alhamdulillah we'd been good friend till now.. :)

thanks facebook for helping me make friends.. ^_^

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