Sunday, February 20, 2011


"it is better to go for someone who loves you,
rather than someone who you love.."

let me admit it. i didn't love anybody. there's no name in my heart that i keep sayin. (yes i'll keep sayin your name if i love you! lol.) but i really really want to! i wanna feel the power of love, i wanna feel my heart beating when i see his face..when i hear his voice..when he text me..i want to feel the love. i really really want to.

errr what happened to you Ayin? : well i am 21 ok and i'm going to 22 this Dec. it is my fault if i think about marriages? future life? no. my friends, some of them will end up their single life this year. i should have one. i'm not so desperate like u think, i'm just thinking and keep thinking why Allah didnt send me my boy...please Allah, i need someone to love me because i cant love my self so much. haha

...or should i give a try to myself to accept their love? yes its "their".. i knew a couple of names and Alhamdulillah they were very concern about me whenever i need helps. no no no i'm so sorry i cant give my heart to someone i didnt love, although they really2 love me. ( i think they really2 love me. haha) i cant help myself with that. i wanna love someone, and he love me back, so i can give him all the best :)

i'll wait till one fine day, Allah send u to me..ya Allah give me all the best in him.. a 'soleh' one will make me the happiest woman on earth.. i wanna love him because of You ya Allah..

YA ALLAH, walau siapa pn jodohku, Engkau panjangkanlah umurnya, selamatkan lah dia selalu..semoga nanti aku bisa ketemu dengannya.. :)

hopefully.. later on when we come together, spend time together and reread this, we'll laugh together and he smile at me and say, thank you sayang for everything, for the 'doa', for the love you give to me...i love you forever~

haaa tak ke bahagia tuh? Aminn Aminn Aminn Ya Allah.. terimalah doaku ini..aku memang jiwang karat sikit sejak dua menjak ni. heheh. well, aku kaki baca novel sebenarnya. i can read the whole novel just in one night ok. and i can also write love story but ya know, with all that assignments, field work, and all that student probs, i didnt have time to write. only got time with my lovely Impian,Kenangan & Coretan Pengalaman. hiks :p

arrghh so sleepy now. dear lappy, please shut down yourself. i'm off now. have a good day mates :)

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