Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today is Monday and I was like so excited wake up early in the morning, grab the lappy and switch it on. Hoi ayin what the fish are you doing pagi-pagi buta nih? mesti roomate aku cakap macam tu. haha actually I'm forced to wake up early just to finish my report that we supposed to submit it today. I don’t do it last night not because I’m lazy (although i really am haha). Sakit perut nak mati kot semalam. Nothing to eat! Arrghhh menyesal dengan diri sendiri sebab selalu buat perut sakit. -.-

And yeahh I type the report in just a couple of minutes. Haha thanks Eida, your report helps me a lot! (Copy paste and adjust mana yg patut. Alaa korang pon penah wat kan? Haha)

Btw I’m so busy like a bee rite now because of the Dr Rashidi’s novel. huhhh we need to finish it up by tonite and tomorrow he will ask us about the story. and it will sound like this. much or less :

“Hey you in pink (or what so ever) what do you think about this novel? What is the narrator tryin to say? What is the motif? And when we try to speak out, he will say “ ok, next person please...” oh my god why oh why he’s like that? Putus angin betol. Seriously all of the students in the class don’t like him. Redha jele.. huhu

Anyway busy-busy pon i cant just let my blog sunyi sepi without new entry. Ceewahh. Jap agi r review novel.

*Kenapa la aku type entry sambil dengar lagu just the way you are? Adeh pening pening.

Ok Ayin dont waste any time! baiklah baiklah hari ni saya nak cite pasal what we had gone trough today. Well, today we got a photoshoot for suka-suka. Haha no la it’s actually for USM’s magazine... kot? Just pay RM22 and they took our pictures in “skema” and candid posing.. We just like patung-patung sebab tak reti sangat nak berposing-posing in front of the photographer. haha but it’s really fun and enjoy taking pictures together. Rasa macam sekolah menengah dulu2 je ambek gambar hujung-hujung tahun. :p

And I choose baju kurung for today. As I could remember, I just wear baju kurung twice in this sem. 2x je! Hehe it’s not that I don’t like baju kurung, but ya know, they said that baju kurung ni leceh sikit nak kena gosok-gosok. Takes time! So, instead of taking time ironing baju kurung crazily like nak pegi makan gulai, kenduri kawen, we rather choose the simple jeans, tshirt, grab tudung and yes we’re done! janji menutup aurat kan? Sian baju kurung dipinggirkan. -.-

Tapi tadi i bangun awal so sempat la gosok-gosok baju. Seriously I feel very comfy in baju kurung. Tapi kalau pakai baju kurung, nanti Eida akan cakap,

“sesuai betol kau jadi cikgu weh pakai macam nih..” haha.. I know I know. I looked matured but i'm not so matured like you see! i'm just...i'm just... ahhh let it be. :p

Here are some of the photos of ELS group from our camera. The others were not uploaded in fb. Malas. Can’t wait to see the photos from the photographer’s camera!

* malas nak letak captions. hehe

ok got to go now. novels waitin. nite.
thanks for reading :)

oh btw check this out :

"That's the worst part. Loving someone so much and knowing they'll never feel the same way.."


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