Saturday, March 24, 2012

good days of march

Hiii. I just love March 2012! Although at the early of the month i fall sick and it worried me so much, but Alhamdulillah Allah gave back my life. now I can walk and run and laugh and do whatever i wanna do, as usual. thanks Allah. after been sick for almost a week, now i realize how we should appreciate and care for ourselves.

Early of the month, I met little Fea at Damansara. she is 4 months now. how cute and good little girl she is! i really adore her. i want a daughter like her too. hehe. i just love her the first time i saw her picture and after met and played with her i feel very close to her. i've been friend with her ibu and abi before they got married yet, it was about 2 years ago. look now they've already got little Fea. how i envy em. :p

After recover from the sickness, we ( stand for me and the ELS's ) went for a holiday at Langkawiii. it was awesome trip and till now i still can feel the sun, the beaches, the sand, the wind, the happiness and everything about the vacation! how i miss the moment! there's hundreds of photos taken and im sure i will miss the moment and the classmates when i see the photos again in the future.

The best news i've received at langkawi is when my father phoned and congrats me for being an auntie for little Adam Fahmi! and i'm congrats abah in return for being a datuk. hehe. yeayyy cant wait to meet and kiss him this April. Adam is my bro's son, which is our first nephew and everybody just loved him because there's no little baby in our big family for years, only yaya and she's already 5 so Adam really makes everyone excited and happy. btw im still confuse what adam should call me. it is Cikna? or Cikyin? or kakak? hahaha takpayah nak kakak sangat la kan. lets Abah decide it to us.

And last Thursday we ( me and the ELS's ) went to KL for 2 days for a career talk at Bursa Saham and Management & Science University (MSU). overall it was good to be there and Ive gained a lot of infos from the programs. and its also good to shopped at Mid Valley. hahaha

Tired of typing now. see ya again. bye. :)

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