Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hi April


Here some photos taken last Friday. i love you girlfriends!

@food court. my all time fav, tomyam seafood claypot.
*mata bengkak terlebih tido :p

@ the time planet. bought watch for my sis. thanks guys for accompany me :)

got it as a gift! sayang nak pakai. hehe sayang nak replace rantai lama.

Hi there!

March just ended yesterday. Today is the 1st day of April and I wish April will bring more luck, happiness and prosperity to us. Indeed.

Nothing much here, just to type out filling my evening. thought of having some exercises with my roommate this evening but she fall asleep so im not intended to wake her up. pity her didn't get enough sleep like i do. she's been studying the whole day for her test tomorrow. Good luck Su!

Btw April has already showed some happiness. hehe guess what? Im going home this Thursday! yahooo! mid semester break will start next week and on my counting i'll be home for 12 days and it's awesome! Already planned what im going to do this short break. Visit Adam, *already bought him a cute present* dating with sisters, shopping for kakma's wedding and the best part is my cousin will give birth to her 1st son anytime from now! today is her due date but nobody text me yet telling the good news. maybe tomorrow.. or whenever it is, just pray that everything will be alright. Amin.

will update more after the break. cant wait to snap-snap with Adam. hehe :D

so that's it. tata. be good. be happy. :)

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